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Prevention is Better Than Cure

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Most of us are used to requesting treatment for our body only after getting an injury. But this is not the best way to take care of our body. The injury is often caused by the accumulation, over time, of…

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Why do we have clicking knees?


Discover the most common causes of your clicking knees, and why street running is more indicated than treadmill running to fix the issue.

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Why and when do we need to stretch?

When and Why do we need to stretch.

Discover in this post why and when you should stretch your muscles to optimise your workout and sports performance.

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Why do We Get Back Pain?

Spine's Structure

Deformations of the spine structure can produce many issues that can compromise its normal function, such as bulging or herniated disc.

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What is the best posture at the desk?

Neutral body posture (NBP) assumed by atronaut im the microgravity

The best posture at the desk from the Neutral Body Posture ( NBP ) assumed by the astronauts in the microgravity condition of the space.

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How To Burn Fat? Ask to Your Energy Metabolism!

Discover the real fat’s metabolism to understand how to burn fat and optimise your exercise.

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Do You Burn More Fat When You Sweat?

Sweat Composition

Sweat is composed mainly of water ( 99% ) and so It is not related to the loss of body weight from the burnt fat.

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