Headache and Migraine Treatment

Headache And Migraine Treatment

Our Headache & Migraine Treatment is specific for people who are experiencing headache and migraine.

​This treatment has been designed to treat not only the symptoms but causes that have produced your issue for long term therapy.

​Very often Migraine and Headache are the consequences of excessive tension not only on the upper shoulder and neck’s muscles but on mimic muscles too ( face muscles ).

​Neck muscles and face muscles are very small so we use a particular technique called Diacutaneous Fibrinolysis that using a special tool is able to treat the smallest muscles and connection between muscles and bones.

​This technique is very useful to treat faster and better the muscles tension than the only use of the hands.

​Heat Therapy is applied to the muscle in order to warm them up and decrease their tension making them easier to treat and more comfortable for the patient to receive the treatment.

This special treatment is performed with a mix of Physio Technique, Massage Techniques, Diacutaneous Fibrinolysis, Myofascial Release Techniques for the best results to treat both your symptoms and causes of your issue.

​Our treatment is very useful if you are planning with your doctor to reduce the amount of drugs to treat Migraine or persistent Headache.

​With our treatment, we try to identify muscles imbalances and treat them in a different way because It is a very important factor to consider to fix the causes of your issue.

​This treatment is always highly personalised on the patient’s needs.

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  • 5 star review  Massimo is a really great at what he does, a really top professional,

    thumb Ariadna Bakhmatova
    December 16, 2020

    5 star review  One of the best in London to deal with any sports related injury! Extremely knowledgeable about all types of injury’s, and also get detailed about any underlying issues that could also be the cause, along with short and long term solutions 👍🏼 Great demeanour and care for your mind and body 👌🏼

    thumb Sal Besim
    October 28, 2020

    5 star review  I have acquired a number of injuries through a series of sporting pursuits that cause lower back pain and muscle fatigue. In seeking treatment I have been to number of clinics but not one of them has been as good as Mr Salus Sporting Lab. Massimo is a genuine expert and gives the best sports massage I have ever experienced. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and now see him on a frequent basis.

    thumb Michael M
    October 14, 2020
  • 5 star review  Massimo works wonders, I won't run a race without him massaging all the aches away beforehand. Perfect for getting race ready! And for general body maintenance.

    thumb Charlie and Lily Krober
    October 5, 2020
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