Partnership Program


Our clinic collaborates with highly specialized professionals in complementary services, to offer the customers a service that can be as integrated as possible to their needs.

In this partnership program, the patient can be followed from the beginning to the end of his rehabilitation or physical condition improvement path.

For any of your goals, recovering from an injury, improving your sports performance, or simply improving your physical condition, Mr. Salus Sporting Lab will help and follow you throughout all the path.

​Find the right professional who suits best for your needs.

Personal Training

Personal Training is a service that we provide with a professional collaboration with High Skilled Personal Trainers.

Our Personal Trainers have many years of experience in the wellness, fitness and Health Sector.

We advise It alongside our service of Postural Assessment because we produce, on the base of a dozen of analytical data, a Muscular Adjustment Program to balance the muscles imbalances that we have found with the assessment.

Our Personal Trainers can help to follow this Muscular Adjustment Program in the best possible way.

Running Coach

Coming Soon…….

Sportswear and Gadget

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