Personal Training

Personal Training is a service that we provide with a professional collaboration with Personal Trainers with years of experience in the sector.

​We advise It when we provide a service of Postural Assessment because, alongside a targeted treatments program, we produce a Muscular Adjustment Program to balance the muscles imbalances of the patient if needed.

​So the best way to follow our Muscular Adjustment Program is with the help of our specialised Personal Trainers who will help you to reach the best results as soon as possible.

​Our High-Tech Running Assessment includes as well a Muscular Adjustment Program to follow to balance muscles imbalances to increase the efficiency of your running techniques and improve your running performance.

​To improve your sports performance we advise following a Sport Specific Training Program that only a highly qualified Personal Trainer can provide It to you.

​Our service of Running Technique Training should always be integrated with a good training program to improve both the technical and physical skills of runners to reach the best result in a short time.



REPS L3 Personal Training
VTCT L3 Sports Massage (Dip.)

Aquarobics (one to one or group training)

Kettlebells (one to one or group training)

Suspension Training (TRX) (one to one)

Beachbody Insanity Pro-Team (one to one or group training)