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Muscle Biomechanics: Deltoid Muscle

Muscles Functions

Discover the science of biomechanics and the most unknown muscle functions with our blog posts series. Tips on muscle injury rehabilitation included!

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How the body posture can influence your Running Technique

Flat foot Postural Assessment

Discover how the body posture can influence both your quality of life and running technique and so your running performance.

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Muscle Biomechanics: Biceps Brachii Muscle

Muscles Functions

This is the first post of a long series of posts that will reveal the lesser-known functions of our muscles.
Almost every muscle in our musculoskeletal system performs more than one movement related to one or two joints.
Specifically, this post will analyze the functions of the Biceps Brachii

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Can Running Shoes improve your running performance?

unning Shoes Analysis with insoles

Find out why running shoes are so important for running training and injury management and their limits for running performance!

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How Hydration influences Sports Performance

Sports Hydration

Discover the importance of hydration for sports performance and how to manage it before, during, and after sports activity or competition.

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Can sports massage cure a knee injury?

Sports Massage to cure knee pain

Most of the time, people think that their knee pain or injury is a structural issue of the knee and that a sports therapy such as a sports massage is useless. Actually, 70-80% of the cases of knee pain are functional issues that a sports massage can resolve completely.

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The 3 Best Running Parameters To Improve Your Running Performance

How To Improve Your Running Performance

Most of the runners focus on running training mainly to improve their aerobic capacity and muscle strength, spending little or no time on their running technique. Discover the 3 best running parameters to improve your running technique!

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Can Sports Therapy Improve Sports Performance?

Sports Performance

Can Sports Therapy Improve Sports Performance? For most people, sports therapy is synonymous with sports rehabilitation after an injury or muscle pain. But sports therapy, such as a sports massage, can be an excellent tool for increasing sports performance. Sports…

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

Prevention-Post-Image-Mr Salus Sporting Lab

Most of us are used to requesting treatment for our body only after getting an injury. But this is not the best way to take care of our body. The injury is often caused by the accumulation, over time, of…

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Why and when do we need to stretch?

When and Why do we need to stretch.

Discover in this post why and when you should stretch your muscles to optimise your workout and sports performance.

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