Running Technique Training

Running Technique Training
Running Technique Training

Why a Running Technique Training

If you want to improve your running technique and reach your Personal Best this is the right choice for you.

The Running Technique Training has been designed to check and improve in real time all your running patterns.

​The Running Technique Training is the second natural step after a Running Assessment if you want to improve your running performance.

Only by analyzing dozens of analytical data about your running technique, you can discover and improve its weaknesses.

Why people choose our Running Technique Training

​Our Service is provided through a High-Tech Gait Analysis System: This system is composed of a Force Pressure Sensitive Treadmill and an HD Video Gait System, supported by Video Feedback System and Laser Guidance Tracks.

​These systems are key tools for helping identify movement patterns that lead to injuries and enables us to work on optimising the running techniques.

​Through the video feedback screen and laser guidance tracks, we can check, in real-time, your running technique and give you instruction to correct or improve it.

​All the information about your running technique is not the result of an algorithm but of real analytical data that come from the interaction of your body with the running ground.

​Thanks to the running test report we can check the evolution of dozens of analytical data about your running technique between different training sections.

Running Analysis Report Data:

​- Separate Foot Print Pressure Scanning.

– Average and Maximum Feet Force Scanning.

– Feet Rotation (Deg).

– Step Width.

– Step Length.

– Step Time.

– Stance Phase (%).

– Load Response (%).

– Single Support (%).

– Pre-Swing (%).

– Swing Phase (%).

– Total Double Support (%).

– Stride Lenght.

– Stride Time.

– Cadence, Steps/min.

– Velocity.

– Butterfly Parameters: Gait Line Length; Single Support Line; Ant/Post Position; Ant/Post Variability; Lateral Symmetry; Lateral Variability.

– Average Max Pressure.

– Average Force.

– Three Zones Foot’s Scan: Forefoot – Midfoot – Heel.

Benefits of our Running Technique Training

​All these analytical data are very useful to understand your running techniques and improve them in real-time.

​Utilising our data and our instruction on how to correct and improve your running techniques, you can continue your Personal Running Techniques Training at home too, maximising our assessment and our real-time training.

​We will teach you how to become the Best Running Coach for yourself, thanks to our expertise and High-Tech Equipment.

​For both a beginner and an experienced runner, this high-tech running training is the best way to improve their sports performance.

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