Hip Treatment

Hip and Groin Pain Treatment

This treatment has been designed to treat and cure both hip and groin pain or any kind of injury related to hip or groin muscles.

Stiffness and poor flexibility of the hip muscles are the most important causes of hip pain and groin pain.

The hip joint is the most important joint of our body as It has a key role for its posture and balance and pain of the groin or hip can lead you to injuries of other parts of your body as they can induce a biomechanics compensation mechanism.

The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the tensions of the hip muscles, increase the range of its motion, reduce muscle pain, reduce muscles inflammation or, eventually, cure muscle strain and muscle tears.

We perform this treatment with the help of our own high-tech therapy coach designed specifically for Groin Injury, Back Pain, Hip Pain, and Hip Replacement/Surgery Rehabilitation.

This specific treatment is also ideal for rehabilitation after hip surgery or as a preparation before the surgery. In fact, our aim in this case is to increase as much as possible the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hip, fundamental characteristics both to better face the surgery, and to speed up the recovery process after surgery.

For example, after a hip joint replacement, it is very important to work not only on the strength of the hip muscles but also and above all on their flexibility to recover the widest range of motion as soon as possible.

The right balance between the strength and flexibility of hip muscles, tendons and ligaments is essential for its health: even if you have very strong muscles but with little flexibility, you run the risk of having many injuries or poor sports performance.

We perform this treatment with the utmost specificity on the needs and characteristics of the individual patient, for the best possible hip therapy.

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