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Muscles Biomechanics: Trapezius Muscle

Trapezius Muscle Sectional View

Find out all the functions of the trapazius muscle and its importance in the shoulder girdle and back biomechanics.Discover the most common Trapezius muscle injuries and treatment plans.

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Running supination: How to identify and fix it!

Running supination-Running analysis

Discover how to identify if you are a supinator and the best practice to correct it and reduce the risk of injury related to the foot’s supination.

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Muscle Biomechanics: How Does The Muscle Work?

Anatomy of the muscle fiber

Discover the muscle biomechanics made simple! Understand muscle anatomy and physiology with an easy step-by-step guide!

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Plantar Fasciitis: Common Causes and Treatments

Plantar Fascia Anatomy

Discover how to assess and treat the root causes of Plantar Fasciitis with the most advanced technology for feet pressure scans.

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Muscle Tear: Pathophysiology and Rehabilitation

Muscle Tear: Deltoid Muscle Tear

Discover all the possible causes of a muscle tear and the best rehabilitation and prevention treatment for scar tissue formation.

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Running Analysis: Case Study

Running Analysis Case Study

With this blog post, I am going to show you how at Mr Salus Sporting Lab we perform our high-tech running assessment and its full report.

Our running technique analysis includes a full postural assessment that aims to understand the influence of body posture on the running technique and performance.

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Herniated and Bulging Disc: Diagnosis, causes and treatments

Herniated Disc L4-L5

Herniated and Bulging Disc are the most common causes of lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.

Discover the most common causes of disc herniation and the best treatments to cure or manage them.

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Why do we get sciatic pain?

Causes of Sciatic Pain

Discover the more and less common causes of sciatica, its risk factors, and its symptoms. Sciatica is one of the most common causes of back pain.

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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome


Joint Hypermobility Syndrome: Diagnosis, Causes and Pain Management. Joint Hypermobility Syndrome Definition Joint hypermobility syndrome ( JHS ) is a condition of the articulations that have a range of motion wider than the physiological one.Patients affected by joint hypermobility syndrome…

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Muscle Biomechanics: Deltoid Muscle

Running Biomechanics

Discover the science of biomechanics and the most unknown muscle functions with our blog posts series. Tips on muscle injury rehabilitation included!

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