Sports Performance

Can Sports Therapy Improve Sports Performance?

For most people, sports therapy is synonymous with sports rehabilitation after an injury or muscle pain. But sports therapy, such as a sports massage, can be an excellent tool for increasing sports performance. Sports massage, for example, if It is carried out with the right approach, can increase muscle strength, joint excursion, and the speed…

Foot Anatomy

Five Golden Tips For The Foot Health

Very often we don’t give much importance to our feet and their care. But we should understand that the feet are the pillars of our posture, so small problems or variations in their structure can cause large variations in our entire body posture or be the cause of other problems. For example, a small wart…

Prevention-Post-Image-Mr Salus Sporting Lab

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Most of us are used to requesting treatment for our body only after getting an injury. But this is not the best way to take care of our body. The injury is often caused by the accumulation, over time, of stress or micro-traumas of our musculoskeletal system. In fact, one of the most common muscle…

Spine's Structure

Why do We Get Back Pain?

Deformations of the spine structure can produce many issues that can compromise its normal function, such as bulging or herniated disc.

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