Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Why a Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis can provide you with dozens of analytical data to work on in order to find your muscles imbalances and postural imbalances.

Analyzing and correcting these defects of your gait or running techniques, you can improve their efficiency.

Improving your Gait and Running techniques is a key factor to avoid recurrent injury or muscles pain.

Why choose our High-Tech Gait Analysis

We can provide a High-Tech Gait Analysis on a pressure-sensitive treadmill that allows for the observation of the human gait at different walking speeds with a high number of step repetitions, thanks to dynamic foot pressure scanning.

This system is supported by further HD Video Gait System, Video Feedback System and Laser Guidance Tracks.

These systems are key tools for helping identify movement and walking disorders and movement patterns that lead to injuries and further enables us to work on optimizing the walking and running techniques.

Gait Analysis Report Data:

– Separate Foot Print Pressure Scanning.

– Average and Maximum Feet Force Scanning.

– Feet Rotation (Deg).

– Step Width.

– Step Length.

– Step Time.

– Stance Phase (%).

– Load Response (%).

– Single Support (%).

– Pre-Swing (%).

– Swing Phase (%).

– Total Double Support (%).

– Stride Lenght.

– Stride Time.

– Cadence, Steps/min.

– Velocity.

– Butterfly Parameters: Gait Line Length; Single Support Line; Ant/Post Position; Ant/Post Variability; Lateral Symmetry; Lateral Variability.

– Average Max Pressure.

– Average Force.

– Three Zones Foot’s Scan: Forefoot – Midfoot – Heel.

All these analytical data are very useful to understand your walking patterns and improve them through a personalised Muscular Adjustment Program.

Our Gait Analysis is perfect to discover your muscles imbalances too and correct them.

Gait Analysis Report


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