Gait Rehabilitation

Gait Rehabilitation
Gait Rehabilitation

The Walking and Gait Rehabilitation are provided through a High-Tech Gait Analysis System: This system is composed of Force Pressure Sensitive Treadmill and an HD Video Gait System, supported by Video Feedback System and Laser Guidance Tracks.

Through the video feedback screen and laser guidance tracks we can check, in real-time, your walking and give you instruction how to correct or improve it.

Thanks to the gait test report we can check the evolution of dozens of analytical data about your walking between different rehabilitation sections.

This system enables us to work in different field:

•             Movement and Walking Disorders.

•             Bone Fracture.

•             Muscular Injuries.

•             Torn Ligaments.

•             Arthrosis.

•             Hip and knee Joint Endoprosthesis, Exoprosthesis.

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