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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome


Joint Hypermobility Syndrome: Diagnosis, Causes and Pain Management. Joint Hypermobility Syndrome Definition Joint hypermobility syndrome ( JHS ) is a condition of the articulations that have a range of motion wider than the physiological one. Patients affected by joint hypermobility…

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How To Cure A Long-Term Injury

How To Treat a Long-Term Injury-Mr Salus Sporting Lab

In order to cure a long-term injury don’t treat only its symptoms but find and treat its causes!

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5 Golden Tips to prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Discover how to prevent lower back pain and keep your back muscles fit and healthy!Improve your back strength and flexibility to avoid back injury.

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Five Golden Tips For The Foot Health

Foot Anatomy

  Very often we don’t give much importance to our feet and their care. But we should understand that the feet are the pillars of our posture, so small problems or variations in their structure can cause large variations in…

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Why do we have clicking knees?


Discover the most common causes of your clicking knees, and why street running is more indicated than treadmill running to fix the issue.

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Why do We Get Back Pain?

Spine's Structure

Deformations of the spine structure can produce many issues that can compromise its normal function, such as bulging or herniated disc.

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What is the best posture at the desk?

Neutral body posture (NBP) assumed by atronaut im the microgravity

The best posture at the desk from the Neutral Body Posture ( NBP ) assumed by the astronauts in the microgravity condition of the space.

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