Why do We Get Back Pain?

Spine's Structure

Back pain can be originated by two principal causes:

  1. Body Structural Issues.
  2. Body Functional Issues.


This structural issue of the trunk can be represented by Spinal Issues such as:

  • Scoliosis
  • Flat Spine
  • Kyphosis
  • Lordosis

Spinal Issues can lead to the nerves compression due to “Bulging Disc” or “Herniated Disc”, a condition that can be permanent or temporary.

Bulging Disc is a more common condition, often temporary, caused from overloading the lumbar spinal tract.

This overloading can be Functional ( overuse of musculoskeletal system ) or Structural ( reduction of “Shock absorber function” of the Spine).

The shock absorber function of the spine is building all around two systems:

  1. Spinal Curvatures (cervical concave curvature; Thoracic convex curvature; Lumbar concave curvature).
  2. Spinal Discs.
Spinal Curvatures

Modifications of the physiological curvatures compromise the shock absorber function of the spine itself.

At the same way structural issue of the spinal disc ( e.g. dehydration ) can lead to the reduction of shock absorber function of the spine.

Herniated Disc is a less common condition but with the same causes of the bulging disc, even if with more effects on the spinal structure.

Herniated/Bulging Disc

Another cause of Body Structural issue are Musculoskeletal System Issues.

The most common Musculoskeletal System Issues are:

  • Muscular Hypertonicity ( increased passive stiffness or tightness )
  • Hypotonia ( decreased muscle tone )
  • Muscular Imbalances

They are the most common cause of Back Pain.

They can be assessed through a good Postural Assessment to check all the muscular imbalances and forces imbalances of the body’s equilibrium.


They are produced from all our incorrect postural body behavior during our daily life time:

  • Incorrect Posture at the Desk.
  • Job-related incorrect posture ( Desk Job, Manual Work, Physical Labour ).
  • Incorrect workout posture.
  • Overtraining.
  • Inactivity.

The first approach to the Back Pain is to treat the symptoms, but It’s as much important to determinate the causes that have produced it.

This is an important fact because even if we treat and cure the symptoms ( pain, inflammation, soreness ) of the back pain, it can come back again after a short time.

In conclusion, to tackle the problem “Back Pain“, It is very important to consider and analyse all the possible causes that have produced It, as highlighted above.

It is important to treat both the causes and symptoms of your back pain as this is a key factor in long-term therapy.

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